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Since 2016, she has been a regular panelist on the show Loose Women.

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It recently emerged that they're MARRIED in the sequel, so we caught up with Martine to hear all about her friendship with Hugh.

, she said: "Not one-on-one, but he’d go ' Are you going to this event?

He was the oldest person I had been in bed with.’ However, the former glamour model insists that the pair didn’t actually sleep together because of her reluctance to have a meaningless one night stand, something she says her mother drummed into her from a young age.

Rumours of a relationship between Price and Cowell began to surface after her ex Leandro Penna spoke to The Sun On Sunday about an affair the famous faces had while he was dating three times married Katie.

Others have suggested young performers lack the stamina to endure the tough performing schedules.

The actress Gina Beck has leapt to the defence of non-performing stars and their understudies, however.

Understudies, the dependable but largely invisible actors who provide a safety net for West End stars, are being catapulted out of the dressing room and into the spotlight, as growing numbers of stars are unable to keep up with rigorous performance timetables.

Illness, strained vocal chords and additional performances, coupled with high demand for star-studded casts, are contributing to the phenomenon, leaving audiences who have forked out hefty sums for shows increasingly disgruntled.

Born on 14th May 1976, Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting, better known as Martine Mc Cutcheon is an English singer, actress and radio presenter.

She began her career at the age of 12 in an American television commercial, which was followed by different modeling assignments and bit parts in television shows.

We text each other, but having children, time whizzes by! " She added: "Me and Hugh and I are chalk and cheese, that’s what makes us work.

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