Eita ueno juri dating

However, Chiaki slowly began to appreciate Nodame’s talent and character.

As they work together on their music, they unwittingly inspire each other to take big risks and further hone their musical talents, and mature as persons, as professionals, and as a couple.

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First was Kitagawa Keiko walking down the aisle with her musician husband Daigo, with the massive wedding reception last month after officially registering their marriage in January.

This week came the shocking marriage of Ueno Juri with Wada Sho, one of the rockers in the trio band .

The original Japanese version aired on Fuji TV in February 2008 and has starred mumerous Japanese actors, including Eita, Ueno Juri and Koyama Keiichiro.

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They were all raves about it, so I thought this should be worth my time. My initial reaction is that I didn’t like the numerous anime-ish scenes that the director (or whoever) is so fond of. The harisen, the flying Nodame, and the Street Fighter-like punches are a bit out of place, even in a funny series like Nodame, IMHO.

Also, the first few episodes dealt mostly with Chiaki’s angst, and his desire to shut himself in his miseries about his ‘career limbo’ sort of drags the story.

Review: My boyfriend, who saw this in Japan, was actually insisting that we watch it.

A couple of online buddies also recommended the series.

I’m delighted for her that she’s found her special someone, and she does look so blissfully happy in the above photo. I guess the relationship must have been very stable by then – they had apparently started dating around last autumn.

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