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the term may be, the archetype continues to endure.

It girls are beautiful and stylish, culturally relevant and unerringly cool; among their ranks are actresses, pop stars, models, muses, athletes, politicians, and socialites.

Her mother, Sherry Brewer, is an actress best known for starring in and was once engaged to Miles Davis.

, which was released in the midst of Asher’s “I Love College” hype storm, the project is a return to form for the fun-loving MC.

In short, he calls it a “celebration of getting back to doing your thing.” Since gracing the cover of in 2009, Asher’s had a roller coaster career marked by stints in label purgatory and battles with false expectations—critics writing him off as little more than a frat rapper—borne from his crossover hit “College.” But to those who listened closely, Asher was always a rapper’s rapper; he had quirky influences, mind-blowing internal rhyme schemes and an undeniable charisma that led to collaborations with the likes of Pharrell, Cee-Lo and Don Cannon.

As well, he's been developing his Bongress marijuana-education campaign aimed, as well as the I Love College Foundation to help alleviate student loan debt.

Asher Roth Talks New LP ' Retro Hash,' Premieres ' Tangerine Girl' Song: Listen"My intention as an entertainer has always been to be part of something larger than myself," he says.

This second album, however, is largely self-released.“It was just a matter of finding the right home,” Roth says.

“No worrying about the marketplace or any trying to get into the head of the consumer that the business tries to do.

In 2015, it could be argued, It-dom has never been easier to engineer, or at least dissect.

The internet has made fame less difficult to come by in general, and social media has allowed the whole process to play out in public.

Asher Roth's new track is called "Oops" but the Philadelphia rapper isn't apologizing for having some fun. Listen to it here: To say Roth has been busy seems like an understatement when the "College" rapper explains what he's been up to lately.

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