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Perhaps my character would have been reminded that Duchamp later intended to make a whole series of works based upon windows, although only two small pieces were completed, including the punningly titled be reconsidered as a sash window?

If this were the case, then perhaps the Bride and her Bachelors may be reconciled after all, the one sliding, gliding, on top of the other.

The Economic Policy Centre made every effort in order to ensure that the data for Uk Crime Stats is accurate and up to date.

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The very incongruity of the story was its own fascination, seemingly its own confirmation also, although perhaps one should be wary of the storyteller’s ways.

No-one I spoke to had heard of the visit – and in such an important year for the artist too – but a brief consultation of Calvin Tomkins’s biography appeared to substantiate Tacita’s story.

Perhaps the rare colony of digger wasps found a mile or so along the coast, and especially active during August, might provide a more plausible explanation for the appearance of the word wasp in the title of two of Duchamp’s drawings than the African myths put forward by Arturo Schwarz? Might my fictional French character have been struck, like the young artist before him, by the large sash windows of the grand Victorian houses in the town, features that are commonplace in British housing, but rather unusual on the continent?

It is entirely possible that this would have been the first time that either man would have seen them in such abundance, if they had seen them at all.

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