Updating java mac os x

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mac OS Sierra was released by Apple in September 2016.

A few of the issues that we are currently addressing are listed below.

On mac OS Sierra 10.12, if a user presses modifier keys (such as Command, Alt, Shift) while an applet is running in a browser, an error box named “Internal Error” might be displayed.

So this is the line causing the problem every time I opened a new terminal window. You still need to follow what @aleroot said, but if that doesn't work for you, check the .bash_profile (or .bashrc) setting file to see if you've previously exported any java version.

Just to draw some extra attention to @Mazzy's comment, that's an easy mistake to make.

When you install the Java Development Kit (JDK), the associated Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed at the same time.

The Java FX SDK and Runtime are also installed and integrated into the standard JDK directory structure.

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There can be multiple JDKs installed on a system, as many as you wish.

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