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This year’s festival theme was “Pride Elevated.” Many different vendors attended, as well as food vendors.

There was the Gala on May 31, the interfaith service on June 1, with the opening on Friday there was more opportunity for varied entertainment, drag queen story time, panels, and even protesters out at the festival gates.

Meaning the original party sent to a "broker/lessor", who in turn then found a home.

One such company, Tetra Corporate Services, Salt Lake City, Utah (TCS New Jersey, LP) took as many as it could get.

Built in 1920 as an anniversary gift for a wealthy steel baron’s wife, the Log Haven has its roots in romance and has become the premier destination for family retreats, weddings and celebrations of love.

With its own private lake, a nationally acclaimed chef, private meadows and endless outdoor actitivites, it is no wonder that this Utah destination has racked up the awards.

Today, Log Haven is the idyllic destination wedding location and hosts guests from all over the world, with a variety of weekend activities that include skiing, hiking, biking, and golfing.

It is widely known as the best place to showcase Utah’s mountain splendor – from private dining rooms to an open meadow – the views are incredible.

Men caressing a silky scarf, like they might a woman.

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