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first and foremost any of this information was mostly found on tumblr and from our own deductive reasonings. rian is currently dating cassadee pope, lead singer of the band hey monday though she’s gone solo now so. and as far as we know, jack is single and ready to mingle. which he briefly talks about in this interview that he had a relation which has two parts i can’t remember which part so here's part one and part two.

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Jardine was born to Ray and Robyn Jardine in Liberty, New York. She has a brother, Devin, and two sisters, Lindsey and Samantha.

When she was young, her parents got divorced and her father moved to Florida.

resize=266,378" alt="" data-recalc-dims="1" / A source claims, “They were all over each other backstage.

You could definitely tell they were boyfriend and girlfriend.” And apparently her We Are the In Crowd bandmates weren’t there.

— and Under A Paper Moon, because he stated so in an interview, without mentioning Lisa’s name.

Do you think they will ever get married and have kids? The ones we know for sure to be about Lisa are Noel — despite Lisa’s denial, but it is her middle name, so what are the chances Alex would name it that just because? They were cute and all, I guess, and I was warming to them by the end of Warped Tour.

she is holly madison’s assistant/bff/ect kind of thing. alex confirmed on twitter that his brother’s name is thomas gaskarth. no, he does not have a brother has everyone seems to believe. alex has said in THIS interview at the mark that vegas and remembering sunday are about the same girl.

his name has never been daniel, that was a name someone made up and everyone latched on too. also, this song is about meg from meg and dia, it’s a part two of vegas.

first off, his brother’s name is thomas/tom gaskarth. REMEMBERING SUNDAY: it’s about alex going to visit a girl and it not going as well as he thought it would. “at home in the clouds” is simply a reference to the girl being on a plane.

he made this public himself at a concert that the song was about meg from meg and dia, which you can watch right here.

The band released a digital sampler through Myspace and quickly gained a fanbase.

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