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For claims prior to April 2015, there was no restriction on claiming WTC for people who were self-employed, providing the work was done for payment, or in expectation of payment, and they met the remunerative work conditions.

You can find details of decisions made in 2015 or earlier on the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary website.

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Scottish Parliament legislation has been introduced to change the Council Tax multipliers in bands E-H.

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme has been amended to provide targeted relief from the increase in the multiplier.

K.2 be 16 or over and under Pension Age3 not be doing 16 or more hours of paid work, per week, (if you have a partner then they must not be doing 24 hours or more paid work per week) there are many people who are allowed to work over these hours and remain entitled to Income Support, Carers, Disabled, Childminders, etc seek advice.4 not be in full-time education, again many exceptions to this rule, e.g.

Lone parents, Disabled, etc, seek advice.5 not be on strike6 not have over 16,000 in capital (this includes, savings, investments, and property that is not the main home, some property can be ignored, seek advice,)7 have income of less than their needs.

NB: Benefit for carers who look after someone in receipt of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance Middle or Higher rate care component or Personal Independence Payment (daily living component).

They are 'means tested' Benefits - different awards will be granted depending on your personal circumstances.

Notably, this means for example that where a claimant says they normally work say 25 hours a week even if they are only required to work 16 hours a week to qualify for working tax credits, they may be selected for a check if their earnings fall below the threshold based on the hours they declare.

The following are a brief description of most common benefits available during 2015/16.

There are also going to be changes to payments for pensioners from 2016.

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