Golfshot handicap not updating

In match play, net scores are calculated on a per-hole basis to determine the winner of the hole.

In stroke play, golfers can wait until the end of the round and calculate their 18-hole net score to determine winner and placings.

The answer depends on where your current handicap lies.

For example, let’s say you’re a 15 handicap, according to the chart below, you would submit a 7 on that hole for handicap purposes.

"Net score" refers to a golfer's score after handicap strokes have been deducted.

Put more technically, the net score is a player's gross score (the actual number of strokes played) minus the strokes his or her course handicap allows to be deducted during the course of the round.

Time to fess up…we’ve all had that one disappointing 8 or 9 on a par 5 because we were forced to drop a ball, take a penalty, and then 3 putt.

When this happens handicapping golfers often wonder, “what is the maximum score that I can take on a hole?

If your score returned is outside buffer, it will be doubled, while nine hole scores will also be included in the ESR process.

A new process is to be introduced that will flag players who notch up seven consecutive 0.1 handicap increases, allowing their Handicap Committees to review and apply an immediate handicap increase if required.

That means you get to reduce your gross score by one stroke on each of three holes.

But Look at the handicap row of the scorecard and find the holes designated 1, 2 and 3.

Many golf associations and leagues that stage tournaments will name both a gross score winner and a net score winner. Its role is the same as that of the handicap system as a whole: To even the playing field, allowing golfers of widely varying talent levels to compete against one another on equal footing.

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