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Warning: this is an adult phone sex fetish service. By accessing this service you are affirming that you are an adult of legal age and that it is legal in your locality to phone or view explicit adult material.

Relationship – finally possessing the power to actually fire bellicose incompetent alcoholic pieces of crap is one of the best feelings ever. I also confess I don't give a fuck if it's bragging. Perhaps this is accentuated by the fact that butches are and in my particular corner of the universe, but when and wherever they cross my , something within me sits up and takes notice -- because I share the other side of the secret. On one hand you say that you can't imagine leaving, but then on the other you say you don't want to be close to people like that.


I almost allowed myself to cum but slowed down as I focused on your cock.

I could see the lust in your eyes as you moved your hands faster along your shaft.

Either way, this recording is here when you don’t just want to stroke your cock, you want to stroke it while a sexy girl tells you how to do it. The thing is, at any given moment, there’s pretty much nothing I’d rather be doing than getting off and getting you off even if you’re some guy that I’ve never met. Knowing that you’re stroking your cock to my pictures and my instructions and listening to you come so hard from mind-blowing phone sex gets me so hot and you’ll hear it in my voice as you drain your balls imagining my hand or my pussy wrapped around your stiff dick. -Jordan PS want to be watching something hot while we’re on the phone together? I’m going to be signed-in to Nite Flirt tonight and most of the weekend because there’s really nothing that I’d rather be doing than getting you off and making you CUM.

I’ll let you in on one of my naughty little secrets: My pussy gets a little wet when my phone rings and I see on my caller ID that it’s Nite Flirt calling. For something really hot and a little different check out this handjob porn at All Hand Job Pass 1-800-TO-FLIRTextension 026-803-01 Hey guys!

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You know the type of sex where I guide you to a mind blowing orgasm that you can’t get anywhere else.I’m going to be posting some good stuff for you here throughout the month and I’m going to kick off the celebrations today with this hot hand job phone sex recording… It’s for anyone out there that loves to jerk off and can’t get enough and I know at least a couple of guys out there that fit that description, LOL.Maybe you’ve just got a daily habit or maybe you’re a total stroke addict. The sound is great and you can listen to it over and over again. -Jordan PS want to be watching something hot while we’re on the phone together? 1-800-TO-FLIRTextension 026-803-01 thinking about sex LOL and that’s pretty much why I started with my phone sex line. I want to tell you all the ways that I’m going to make you come when you call for some hot girl-next-door phone sex. My girlfriend just called and canceled our plans to hang out tonight so I’m staying in but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun, right?I don't pretend to understand my preference for women on the masculine side of the gender spectrum anymore than I understand why I am attracted to women in the first place. But that explanation leaves rather a lot of important things out. To be totally fair though I went back and read your original post from the other day and I guess I can kind of why he would have a fragile ego.If you are a and into butches please be so kind to send Me a message. You said you didn't want to have to treat him like he is a genius when he is just a guy.Telling you to slowly stroke your cock while looking at me in my eyes, I made you stand at attention.

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