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Many years later Emperor Augustus, desperately needing those legions, went around the palace late at night muttering, "Varus, give me back my legions!

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The Bar Kokhba revolt in Jerusalem against the Romans is finally crushed after two and a half years during which the Jewish state had home rule and a resumption of animal sacrifices.

580,000 Jews are killed in the restoration of Roman rule and the city of Jerusalem is reduced to rubble.

For years, Donna and Travis Jocelyn have wanted to sell their New North End home and downsize to a condo with lower property taxes.

In February, the couple finally found a buyer for their 1970s ranch house and was about to purchase a brick townhome in Essex Junction, closer to where their 10-year-old daughter goes to private school.

I have to admit I was wrong in claiming that the recovery that has occurred under the Coalition is the slowest and worst in one hundred years. I severely understated how bad things have actually been. So let’s look at the data starting with the 20th century, and then we will look at the 19th and 18th centuries as well as other countries.

The editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson, pointed out to me that I hadn’t studied historical precedent adequately and was severely understating how bad the recession really has been. Fraser pointed me to a series published by the Bank of England which provides data on real GDP back to 1700, and guess what? It is now clear that George Osborne is responsible for the worst recovery in three hundred years of recorded history. The first chart shows the length of time it takes in months to restore lost output in the six main recessions of the 20th century: 1920-24, 1930-34, 1973-76, 1979-83, 1990--2014.First, all previous recessions’ lost output was restored in four years or less, in contrast with just over six years – in fact 76 months according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research – for the current recession.Second, it is apparent that the steepness of the path of recovery in all previous recessions was approximately the same, that is to say, the slopes of all the upward lines pre-2008 is approximately the same.No previous macroeconomic policies for three centuries have been so disastrous.The Coalition inherited an economy that was growing nicely and through their misguided austerity sucked the lifeblood out of the UK economy by their misplaced desire to reduce the size of the state.Then came a bizarre twist: The buyer's attorney did a title search to make sure there were no unpaid taxes or other claims on the property and discovered that the Jocelyns didn't actually own the land their house sits on.

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