friends and lovers dating site - Sccm clients not updating resource informaiton

Attached SQL Files to update the views in the Symantec_CMDB database: v PMCore_SWDEvent Execution Success By Computer and v PMCore_SWDEvent Execution Success By Computer2 Updated Views - (2.0 KB) Power Shell Custom Inventory for Reboot Required registry key.

I have added the particular workstation once and then deleted it, now I can't add it again.

I can see the workstation is there when I just search for it, but whenver trying to add it through "membership rules", it's not appearing there so, I can't add it.

All Computers with missed Reboot (10.2 KB) Custom Reboot Required Inventory_Dataclass_(285.8 KB) The Patch Management Solution for Windows Compliance Reports are showing clients needing a reboot, when they have been rebooted, or they display inaccurate data concerning the client's compliance.

Applies To Software Update Cycle is captured as an ' Event' for Patch Management.

Before you start thinking of deploying the configuration manager clients, install a fallback status point site system role.

The benefit of installing this role is it helps to track the client installation process.

If the event is missed due to client tasks being backed up / stale; the ' Event' is lost.

If the Event is lost; the Patch Reports are not able to provide accurate ' Is Installed=TRUE' or ' Reboot Required' data.

Note that the Software Updates affected by this are irrelevant as the event needs to take place once more before the issue is resolved and the workaround is no longer needed.

However, the Last Execution date helps to know what time frame the updates were deployed.

I have already went to the machine and initiated "Discovery Data Collection Cycle" couple of times already, but still I am not able to add it, please suggest how to add it and make it work.

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