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Suzanne Somers, Now Many people thought Somers was dumber than Chrissy when she left “Three's Company” in 1981.

But in real life, the not-so-dumb blonde bounced back in a big way, starring in the series “She's the Sheriff” (1987-1989) and “Step by Step” (1991-1998).

She is also, of course, the spokeswoman for the Thigh Master and health-centric products.

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Miss De Witt has starred in numerous theatrical productions including most recently the Canadian premieres of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning play .

Her television credits include singing and dancing in numerous specials having had the pleasure of appearing with such wonderful talents as Greer Garson, Ann Miller, Perry Como, Bill Cosby, Anne Murray, Tony Randall, Rich Little, Cheryl Ladd, John Ritter, and Steve Martin.

(The "girls" first meet Jack Tripper asleep in their bathtub, for Pete's sake.) Our friends at Snakkle find out what happened to the good folks of apartment 201, and their various friends and neighbors.

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So let's first tell you a little bit about Joyce De Witt (as if you didn't know! Joyce De Witt is most widely known to generations of audiences for her starring role as Janet Wood in the ABC Television hit series , which ran from 1977-84.

She also has an extensive background in the theater, working both as actress and director in a stage career which spans over forty years.

[2009: on Three's Company (1976) and Hollywood] I really felt that Three's Company was a gift.

When it ended, I had money in the bank and had the luxury to pursue a life that meant something, to learn and discover.

I went to see the play last Saturday and got to meet Joyce and both her and the play were great (I'll give my thoughts on the play tomorrow, so come on back for that! We get answers to various questions that you will all want to know about, including how she got her start in theater, the gift of being an actor, details on her new off-Broadway play, a possible if they asked!

As always with all of our interviews, it is in Seven Questions form.

I have heard the Joyce & Suzanne don't get along now a days which really sucks if you ask me they grew up together on this show so they should be best as friends but i can understand why it didn't work out with Suzanne being very demanding for her extra pay on the show which got her kicked off which kind of is a big bummer because after Chrissy Snow left the show it was kind of sad but it is was really refreshing as the show changed its direction.

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