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In a perfect world all those numbers would always be correct and this is where Fields offer a glimmer of hope.It's in the "threading" of the data that this part of Fields gets a bit weak and I'll expand on that below.To correct the problem with the Create Sheet Set method; you would add the Lock Database function with the database to be locked and the Boolean value of True before calling the Set Name and Set Desc methods.

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This is the realm where Fields become most valuable because it provides a tool for threading data to a linear source.

In other words, consider for example, how often designers use callout bubbles to expand on information on another sheet at another scale and how often those numbers have to be correlated up until the very last day of a project.

Fields are extensively used in the Sheet Set and they can be used to add intelligence to the title block and layouts of the sheet set.

Using Fields information in the sheet set can be interlinked properly keeping the data correct and updated even when changes are made in the drawing.

We have a bunch of new release Auto CAD Civil 3D customers. It’s about time to rehash the essentials of Sheet Set Template customization.

Honestly, nothing significant has changed very much since the release of the Auto CAD 2006 products – a nice tweak here and there. The Product Solution’s built in vast array of Layouts supplied in our Sheet Set Template drawing contain basic titleblocks and other Sheet related blocks that are easy to customize.

Using the Model Views tab, double-click on Add New Location.

Browse to and select the folder containing the drawings. To add the view to your drawing, , and pick the desired scale.

If you’d like to start at the beginning, take a look at the table of contents. First, you need a drawing open and it doesn’t matter what it is, or if you intend to keep it.

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