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By a wide margin, an “unlikely pairing” (the partners do not initially seem compatible) was the most common device used to bring new couples together, occurring 44 times in 150 films.

“False identity/pretenses” was the second-most-used plot device.

He meets Amber, a free spirit who turns out to be running away from relationships, and the two of them have to figure out how to make an old-fashioned relationship work in the modern world.

Watch Now David turns to life coach Joyce after losing his job, but his interest soon becomes romantic and he finds himself competing with his ex-boss, William, for her attentions.

It’s a warm, bighearted epic of assimilation, the latest iteration of a classic American story of immigrant striving — this time about a Pakistani American (Kumail Nanjiani) who feels what newly minted Americans have always felt: the pull of freedom and possibility, the thrill of being unbound by tradition.

In Nanjiani’s case, it means constructing a life (sometimes secretly) that’s in conflict with the wishes of his devout Muslim and aspirational parents (Anupam Kher, Zenobia Shroff).

As he volunteers at a retirement home on Joyce's advice, a group of retirees become a support for him to come to grips with himself, his faith, and his feelings for Joyce.

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The final results shed some interesting insight most peoples' feelings about relationships and whether movies in this genre can influence them.

It goes without saying that romantic comedies are packed with predictable romance-themed tropes, like the "love switch" (in which a character starts the movie attracted to one person and ends up with someone else) and the "false identity” (in which one of the characters lies about their true identity or intentions). It turns out there are some pretty big discrepancies in the way romantic clichés are experienced in the real world as opposed to those in movies. According to Sapio's study, while 30 percent of the examined movies featured an "unlikely pairing" (in which a character dates someone unexpected), it turns out that's even more common in real life. Meanwhile, only six percent of the rom-coms feature a story of unrequited love, in which a character's romantic feelings aren't returned.

Romantic comedies can be sweet and funny to watch, but they can also be pretty idealistic when it comes to portraying love and relationship.

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