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The purpose of investigating the infertile couple is to assess their chance of achieving a pregnancy and to identify the factors amenable to treatment.Inspite of many investigatory tools available endometrial histology is a sensitive indicator of ovarian function.Visit for more related articles at Journal of Clinical & Experimental Pathology A study of 50 cases of primary and secondary infertility was carried out in the department of pathology NIMS Medical College Jaipur. Glycogen deficiency was seen in 30% cases of luteal phase defect.

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Here’s what the statistics really tell us—and what they don’t.

post-9/11 spring of 2002, I was, at 30, in the midst of extricating myself from my first marriage.

But a closer look reveals low-set ears, which give her recurring ear infections, a double row of eyelashes, and slightly crooked elbow joints.

Others with Turner suffer from heart defects, kidney problems, hearing loss, and high blood pressure, and many have loose “webbed” skin at their necks due to inflammation at birth.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff Miriam Beit-Aharon, who has Turner syndrome, with her mother, Claudette Beit-Aharon.

Claudette is the editor of a collection of coming-of-age stories by women, including her daughter, who have the syndrome, titled “Standing Tall With Turner Syndrome.” Miriam Beit-Aharon was born full-term and healthy, but she was small at 5½ pounds and couldn’t seem to gain any weight.

All cease underwent endometrial biopsy premenstrual. Haematoxylin and eosin staining was done for dating of endometrium and diagnosis of corpus luteal defect and anovalutory cycles. Approximately one marriage is ten is barren, Sophia [1].

In India there are an estimated 10.2 million couples of infertility, dawn [2].

There, her chromosomes were mapped and it was discovered that she had a missing X chromosome.

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