America american woman dating a nigerian man

Every time they arrest him and put him in jail and then they want more money. I’m going to have to continue sending money until he’s free.” The pair talk for up to four hours on the phone a day and Sarah said he has a “way with words”.

“He'll say 'how is my queen doing today’ or he’ll say ‘how is my flower today – I hope she’s been watered’,” she added.

Its almost like i have so fully rejected the idea of being with a Black American man that I dont even let the thought flourish in my mind. I have dug deep and found that my assumptions are based on (1) past negative experiences with ignorant Black Americans both male and female (2) stereotypes of Black Americans formed by what I’ve seen in the media.

Since my goal is finding a guy with which I can enter into a relationship, I’m actually looking for guys who live in my city, province, country or continent, the closer the better.

I don’t think the right guy for me is waiting in Germany or Spain, I think it’s very possible that he’s somewhere on the same continent (surely out of over 300 million people in North America, there is one for me???? So, when a guy in Madrid or Stuttgart or London “shows interest” in me, I don’t even bother to respond, because I’ve said in my profile that I’m interested in guys in the same country.

This led to an hour-long rant from me about the pain between both groups. If you can’t view the tweets below, check them out on Storify.

This wasn’t a fully-formed rant that touched on all the nuances and there’s still a lot to be said.

"He's very poetic when he talks to me…Chris will make a comment like 'Mrs Olsen, I love you and I can’t wait to be with you'." During their frequent chats, Sarah noticed his accent has changed several times.

"He sounded Italian, now his accent's kind of changed I don't know if he's adapted to where he's at... Although Sarah has questioned whether her relationship was actually a scam, she told Dr Phil was was “95 per cent certain that Chris is telling me the truth - that this is legit". I grew up in a predominantly black neighbourhood in Prince George’s County and went to an all black high school.When I am approached by a Black American man, i generally don’t even take their interest in me seriously.So, I think it’s fair to say that a Nigerian man in his mid 20s to mid 30s who is educated, ambitious, of average to above average looks and just a plain decent guy would have no problem finding a woman who meets his criteria…in Nigeria.Unless of course that criteria is possesses a green card or citizenship card for a country other than Nigeria.Other than being ‘African’, men from the continent are not necessarily better.

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