Travel consolidating at cost

The Utah college got lots of comments—about three-quarters of them negative—when the regulations were posted for a 30-day review by faculty and staff.

“Buy-in was really hard,” says Lisa Jones, assistant director of finance and disbursements at the two-year college.

Travel management is a specialized business function that balances employee needs with your company goals— financial or otherwise.

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Solution Since the company had so many subsidiaries, we had to develop a strategic online adoption implementation.

This strategy included a new, streamlined travel policy that included our online booking tool.

Sometimes, a beautiful week at the beaches upstate is more seductive and affordable than travelling overseas, where you may not be able to stay for as long.

Start budgeting, give yourself a safety net and see if you can afford to leave the country for an elaborate vacation.

And during times of national, corporate, or personal crisis, it’s crucial to be able to reduce the risk to a company and its travelers through employee tracking and emergency assistance.

While the majority of Travel One clients have been managing travel programs for years, it is not unusual for us to begin a business relationship with a company that is consolidating their travel program and just beginning to use a travel management company (TMC). Travel One custom-designs our systems to adapt to our clients’ programs, and has the systems and checks in place to ensure the optimum benefits are achieved.

We monitor client programs, search for opportunities, and suggest ways for further enhancement.

This process begins with the initial set-up, and includes Travel One staff training about the client’s policy and culture.

If you have student loans with high interest rates, consider consolidating and refinancing those loans into one with a lower interest rate.

This could potentially save you a few hundred dollars on your monthly bill.

Challenge Increasing savings for many companies can be a long game strategy rather than an instantaneous win.

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