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As long as we're posting pics of our celeb crushes, here are mine: Kari from Mythbusters JPG Paige Davis from Trading Spaces for Kate Beckinsale, WTF did she go and marry that director guy from Underworld for?He was murdered by Ben and his corpse was taken over by the Man In Black.

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But sport was a huge passion of the actor who played American Football while studying at Columbia University, New York. He plays Benjamin Linus, the creepy former leader of the Others who was raised on the island from the age of eight, brought up by the Dharma Initiative, left the island, killed John Locke and convinced Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sun to return to the island with him where he killed Jacob.

A few years before joining the LOST cast, Michael, 55, like Evangeline, made commercials, including an educational one for the Federal Bureau of Prisons in which he played a psychiatrist treating troubled inmates. Better known as the obese, lovable and kind lottery winner Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes who believes his numbers were cursed and he brings trouble wherever he goes, Garcia, 37, had already starred in a successful TV series prior to LOST - successful in the US at least.

Kate Beckinsale Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley (I swear they look nearly alike) Aly and AJ Michalka (phil of the future girls) Jennifer Garner Jamie Lynn Spears and Emma Watson (so sue me) Nicole Kidman Shannon Elizabeth Melanie Walsh (UK Sun page 3 is as far as I'll go heheheh) Morgan Webb (X-Play G4TV) Amanda Mckay (Gt TV) - meh. I'm hoping the only purpose was for a up coming movie. Racheal Leigh Cook is beautiful, but what was she thinking when she got this haircut.

Natasha Henstridge Elisha Cuthbert Rachel Mc Adams Evangeline Lily Michelle Rodriguez Kristen Bell Kristin Kreuk Man I'm like the dustball creature in the PSP commercial where they're talking about this cop game and he's like "I marry every woman in da world," hahaha Mookel, I never thought you'd be one for older women I've always thought that Shirley Mac Laine (in her much younger years-- before she got all scary) was a beautiful woman. I'm hoping the only purpose was for a up coming movie.

Canadian Evangeline, 30, is best known as fugitive Kate Austen who murdered her stepfather, became the love interest of Jack and Sawyer on the island and raised Claire's baby boy Aaron for the three years she was off the island.

But a couple of years before she was cast as one of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors, she appeared in a TV advert for Canadian dating service Live Links.

Claire Forlani is another, man she's got great eyes.

I even watches that trainwreck she made with Freddy Prince just because she was in it, lawd how could I forget more? Racheal Leigh Cook is beautiful, but what was she thinking when she got this haircut.

She is probably best known for her role as Kate in the television series, Lost.

She has also starred in several films such as, The Lizzy Mcguire Movie, The Hurt Locker, Reel Steel, The Long Weekend and more.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actress-Drama in 2006, and in the same year, the Kate Austen action figures were released.

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