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Dominic Gerard Francis Eagleton West (born 15 October 1969) is an English actor, director, and musician.

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Polly astor dating

Lady Astor had launched her first business, the eponymous jewellery shop Annabel Jones, in Knightsbridge, at the age of 19 and said the Sheffields “looked down” on her because she was Roman Catholic and disapproved of the fact that she worked.

Recalling the time she split up with Sir Reginald, David Cameron's father-in-law, whose baronetcy was created in the mid 18th century, she told December's Vanity Fair that her father had told her: "Your big mistake was you weren't waiting in a black negligee with a martini in your hand when Reggie came home." “I fell into this Astor world of huge riches and French chefs and butlers...

West's screen appearances include True Blue, Chicago, Richard III, and Mona Lisa Smile.

His most notable television role has been starring in The Wire as the American police detective Jimmy Mc Nulty.

She said her parents, Pandora Clifford and Timothy Jones, were “the most divine people” but that their lives were “just one mess after another”.

Her mother was only 17 when she had her, whilst her father "was a dashing young man with no money".In 2010 he had a role as General Virilus in Neil Marshall's adventure thriller Centurion. He appeared in the role of Oliver Cromwell in the Channel 4 series The Devil's Whore. West", the opening track on Eminem's 2009 album Relapse, as a doctor discharging Eminem from a rehab facility.West played the part over the phone in January 2009 while Eminem was recording it in a Miami studio.Samantha Cameron's mother, Viscountess Astor, has revealed that her father blamed her for the failure of her first marriage because she was not waiting for her husband to come home whilst dressed in "a black negligee with a martini her hand".Lady Astor, 67, said that both of her parents were “very tough” with her following the collapse of her relationship with landowner Sir Reginald Sheffield when she was in her mid-twenties, which left her with two children, Samantha, then three, and her sister Emily Sheffield, one.But it was hard living with the Astors, particularly my stepfather and the siblings.

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