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To open a particular web server in Safari, double-click on its entry in the list.

Shodan has servers located around the world that crawl the Internet 24/7 to provide the latest Internet intelligence. Integrations are available for Nmap, Metasploit, Maltego, FOCA, Chrome, Firefox and many more.

The snapshots you see here appear as fair use according to copyright law.

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As you remember, Shodan indexes the information from the banners it pulls from web-enabled devices.

These include routers, switches, webcams, traffic lights, SCADA systems, and even home security systems.

Alternatively, machine as above, fit a parallell arbor and hold the camera in a collet / end mill holder.

There is a facility in the software to align the CCD accurately.

There are also mentions of things like "automatic registration" and "easy remote monitoring", I didn't like the sound of these so I decided to dig a little deeper.

The device will run over a wired or wireless network so I set it up so all traffic passed through my laptop, started Wireshark and powered it on.

Is it assumed that the camera will remain "aligned" if it is mounted slightly rotated from the original location ? Take care Harry I hope I understand the process properly. Then, without moving in x and y use your webcam setup.

Thanks OK, I read some more in the software area - that is a nice concept for alignment using the software.

The first step is to try the default username and password.

I have compiled a short list of the default username and passwords of some of the most widely used webcams below.

This is my first posting, apologies if it has already been covered but I've not seen it mentioned before on here? But one thing that first came up in my mind, how do you make sure that the ccd centre ends up alined with the spindle centre, this is important if you cant put the camera oriented exactly in the same place in the spindle every time. The moves you do in order to center your camera are your offsets.

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