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Mine comes with applied gold markers and hands, the current version has chrome markers (indices) and hands.

It's on a thick, calf leather strap with the CNC Helberg buckle.

will be a tight window to ex-div date..more Hey mouseman....this for 3 years now...compaints...the divi my hottest divi income funds are ffn ftn bk all of them up over 35% and also monthly divis.......all my holding..more Have to admit been holding this play for awhile and very pleased with returns...

had a sell set at 6.75 i never thought would get taken out, but here we are.....

I trade at $4..more On termination all assets are sold.

The pref shareholders are paid first and then the commons (which is pic.a), So it all depends what the holdings are worth in determining what the commons get. From the fund's fact sheet: Objectives The fund’s investment objectives are:..more Termination The Fund is scheduled to be redeemed on November 1, 2017, subject to an automatic extension of the term for an additional seven years.

My goal was to build a single v App, and clone it a few times.

Each clone will keep the same IP addresses and I will only have one environment on at a time to do testing.

If..more Attila E wrote: When the fund will terminate? In addition, shares may be sold daily on the TSX or..more no worries this thing will be confirmed at the normal rate.

This is the first quarter in long time where the nav is actually higher than the share price.

I know that some pool cleaners work with less or more flow.

Whats the best compromise so as to set up the Intelliflo for lower flow (power savings) but enough to make the cleaner do its job. A robotic cleaner is usually the best, but also the most expensive, and this is independent of the type of pump.

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