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The game was made in Ren'Py by Paper Dino Software and was published on May 27, 2013. Due to the nature of this work, spoilers will abound in the tropes.

It's highly recommended that you finish the game before reading on.

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is a freeware Dating Sim with a catch: instead of winning her affection, your main goal is to save your girlfriend, Felicia, from the myriad of ways she can die horribly while you're out dating.

This is done through a creative and meta system of manipulating save states and acquired knowledge that is more easily experienced than explained.

At heart, it’s a visual novel, but on a high-speed collision course with tragedy, mortality, and hilariously terrible consequences. I told her I was playing a videogame, trying out various choices, doing my absolute best to . I keep putting you in immense peril to see what’ll happen.

Each five-or-so-minute playthrough (adding up to an-hour-and-a-half or so total) barrages you with choices, the results of which aren’t exactly happily ever after. To see just how much power I have over your world and your life.” And you know what? Sea monsters flung their tentacles every which way.

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