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His talent in the arts stemmed from his father, Bob, a clarinet player in the army band and mother, Pauline, a language educator. By the time he was 12, Coxon could play the fife, drums, saxophone, and guitar.Coxon and older sister Haley lived with their parents in Germany until 1975 when the family moved to an U. In 1977 at the Stanway Comprehensive School, he met Damon Albarn who would eventually become the lead vocalist in their future band Blur.

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Guitarist Coxon released solo work since quitting the band and has collaborated with Pete Doherty.

Bassist Alex James swapped his bad boy image to become a Cotswolds cheese maker and drummer Dave Rowntree made an unsuccessful bid to become a Labour councillor last year.

That has turned into a project stacked with a couple dozen guests, a short film, and an album serving as an allegory for our dark new world.

Here’s everything you to need to know about Humanz. As a prelude to the album, Gorillaz unleashed “Hallelujah Money,” their first song in six years, on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Humanz has been finished since the end of 2016, a year that turned the world topsy-turvy with the election of Trump as president.

Coxon said that 10 years ago "we were both carrying some troubles, but it was our group and we didn't want to hurt each other's feelings by saying 'Look I need a break'." He added: "It's not that Blur ever stopped, no, we just did other things..."There have also been reports of further dates, including a possible appearance at next year's Glastonbury festival.

Albarn promised fans that there were more shows on the horizon.The band formed in Colchester in 1989, the they have recorded seven studio albums and had a string of top 10 singles including two number ones with Country House and Beetlebum.Blur hit the height of their fame as the poster boys for Brit Pop in the mid 1990s, and were known for their chart battles with contemporaries Oasis.Once the pictures are done we retire to the rather smart kitchen in the basement, which Essy tells me has just been done up. Um..." Elsewhere there are piles of books, a shoebox labelled 'glasses' and a vase of wilted lilies.While she makes some tea, Coxon frets about what odd things they might have left lying about that might end up in this piece. Then I spot Coxon looking at me looking around his kitchen and I decide to sit down and let the poor man relax. A self-confessed pessimist, he frets about the state of the world and prefers his own company to those of other people since, "I can only really be myself when I'm alone".Coxon departed in 2002 and the remaining members went on to make 2003’s ‘Think Tank’ album, their last release.

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